How to add a new Yealink phone to a VoIP provider.

add Yealink to voip provider

If you’re looking to add a Yealink phone to a VoIP system, here’s how you can do it


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Step 1: Connect Your Yealink Phone to Your Network

Connect your Yealink phone to your network using an Ethernet cable. If you aren’t using a POE switch, you’ll also need to plug the power adapter into your Yealink phone and a power outlet.

Step 2: Access the Yealink Phone’s Web Interface

To access the Yealink phone’s web interface, you’ll need to know its IP address. You can find this by pressing the “OK” button on the phone and navigating to “Status > Network > TCP/IP Parameters”. Look for the “IPv4 Address” field and take note of the IP address displayed.

Then, open a web browser on a computer that is connected to the same network as your Yealink phone and enter the IP address of your Yealink phone into the address bar.

Step 3: Configure Your Yealink Phone’s Settings

Once you’re in the Yealink phone’s web interface, navigate to the “Account” tab. Here, you’ll need to configure the following settings:

  • General: Enter a name for your account.
  • SIP Server 1: Enter the SIP server information provided by your VoIP provider.
  • Account Active: Set “Account Active” to “Enabled”.
  • Authentication: Enter your SIP username and SIP password provided by your VoIP provider.

Once you’ve entered these settings, click “Confirm” to save them.

Step 4: Test Your Yealink Phone

To test your Yealink phone, make a test call to a phone number outside of your network. If the call goes through successfully, then your Yealink phone is now connected to your VoIP provider system and ready to use!

In conclusion, setting up a new Yealink phone and adding it to a VoIP provider involves connecting the phone to your network, accessing its web interface, configuring the settings, and testing the phone. By following these steps, you can get your new phone up and running quickly. If you encounter any issues during the setup process, don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance.

Yealink 1

Model breakdown

  1. T5 Series: The T5 series is Yealink’s flagship product line, offering high-end IP phones with advanced features such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and HD voice. These phones are ideal for large enterprises, call centers, and busy executives who need a powerful, reliable phone for their daily work.

Use case: A large enterprise with multiple offices and a large workforce would benefit from the T5 series phones. With advanced features such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, employees can easily connect their mobile devices and work remotely, while HD voice ensures crystal-clear audio quality during calls.

  1. T4 Series: The T4 series is a mid-range product line that offers a range of IP phones with various features, including color screens, support for multiple lines, and PoE (Power over Ethernet) support. These phones are suitable for small to medium-sized businesses that require reliable, feature-rich phones.

Use case: A small business with a small team of employees that need reliable and feature-rich phones would benefit from the T4 series phones. The PoE support ensures that the phones are easy to install and set up, while the color screens and multiple line support provide flexibility and convenience for employees.

  1. T3 Series: The T3 series is an entry-level product line that offers basic IP phones with features such as PoE support, call waiting, and call transfer. These phones are suitable for small businesses or home offices that require a simple, yet reliable phone for their daily communication needs.

Use case: A home office with a single user who needs a reliable phone for their daily communication needs would benefit from the T3 series phones. The PoE support ensures easy installation and setup, while the basic features such as call waiting and transfer provide convenience and flexibility.

  1. Conference Phones: Yealink offers a range of conference phones that are ideal for small to large conference rooms. These phones offer advanced features such as HD voice, noise reduction, and 360-degree voice pickup, ensuring that everyone in the room can hear and be heard clearly.

Use case: A business that frequently holds conference calls with remote teams or clients would benefit from Yealink’s conference phones. With advanced features such as HD voice and noise reduction, these phones ensure that all participants can hear and be heard clearly, improving communication and collaboration.

Yealink offers a range of IP phones with various features and capabilities to suit different business needs. From high-end phones with advanced features to entry-level phones with basic features, Yealink has something for everyone. Whether you’re a large enterprise, small business, or home office, there’s a Yealink phone that can meet your communication needs.

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