This one took a bit of working out but worked perfectly in the end. A nice easy PowerShell one-liner

powershell -Command “(gc C:\Program Files\Solus3\AgentService\Sims.Solus3.Agent.AgentService.exe.config) -replace ‘net.tcp://old_server_hostname:52965′, ‘net.tcp://new_server_hostname:52965′ | Out-File C:\Program Files\Solus3\AgentService\Sims.Solus3.Agent.AgentService.exe.config”

Remember to swap out old_server_hostname with the hostname of your old server and new_server_hostname with the hostname of your new.

The script assumes you are using the standard port 52965 as set out by Capita, if not you will need to amend this to your custom setup also.

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