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OST Reports has been long in production, rapidly changing and frequently referred to script that I use at my place of work to bolt into OSTicket to break down in a more granular fashion who has closed what tickets and which departments they have been closed for.

It requires direct access to your OSTicket database for read access, no write access is required.


It is offered to your free of charge with no warranty and no liability, however I am happy to consult in the installation onto your helpdesk if so required, just drop me a comment.


To install the script download the files from here and extract them into a new folder on your webserver for example yourdomain.com/ostreports

Enter your OSTicket database details.

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Customise your email address

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Then browse to the folder you setup for example yourdomain.com/ostreports

The script will scan for your Agents and Departments and display the statistics

Change from Daily to Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly stats

This is simple and requires a simply URL change

Daily stats = index.php?debug=y&runtype=daily

Daily stats = index.php?debug=y&runtype=weekly

Daily stats = index.php?debug=y&runtype=monthly

Daily stats = index.php?debug=y&runtype=quareterly

Daily stats = index.php?debug=y&runtype=yearly

Send an email from the script

To do this change the url from index.php?debug=y&runtype=daily to index.php?debug=n&runtype=daily

Changing the variable debug=n instructions the script to send an email to the registered email address.

You can CRON poll the URL to auto send email at a given time during the day.

Per technician stats

If you want to use the script and want a particular stat building in but don’t know how to go about this, drop me an email I’d be happy to write it in for you.

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Per Department stats

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