Login System

Login System


Ever wanted a fully featured PHP login system for your website? Look no more, we have the solution and best of all, its FREEEEEE!!!


It is offered to your free of charge with no warranty and no liability, however I am happy to consult in the installation onto your website if so required, just drop me a comment.


To install the script download the files from here and extract them into a new folder on your webserver


Before using Login System you will need to configure a few bits in order for everything to fall into place neatly.

  1. Restore the loginsystem.sql using PHPMyAdmin
  2. Create a user and give permissions to the user for the new database
  3. Edit connect_db.php with the database and user details
  4. Edit signup.php with your re-captcha3 details as per the guide here otherwise new users will not be able to signup
  5. Build your site around your new login system by editing members.php and admin.php
  6. My best advice would be to copy members.php and change the name if/when creating new secured pages as the script requires certain files to be included for the authentication to work.

Default User Details

Admin / Demo1234!

DemoUser / Demo1234!

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