Wi-Fi Profile Backup / Restore tool

Does this really need any explanation?

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NIC Tools

This tool comes from the need to easily be able to control aspects of my network cards when creating switch stacks and networks.

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Unsubscribe Link trawler

Download here.

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This PowerShell tool is designed to aid users in managing their email subscriptions by efficiently collating all ‘unsubscribe’ links embedded within their emails. The tool scans through every email in a chosen folder, including its subfolders, in an Outlook mailbox. It utilizes regular expressions to extract hyperlinks containing the term ‘unsubscribe’ or variations such as ‘click here to unsubscribe’.

It keeps track of the processed domains and the unsubscribe links to avoid duplicates. The tool then creates a user-friendly, modern-looking HTML page containing these unsubscribe links alongside the domain from which the email was sent.

Each link is clickable, allowing users to navigate to the respective unsubscribe pages swiftly. This tool benefits those wishing to streamline their inbox, reducing clutter and unnecessary information by unsubscribing from redundant or unsolicited emails.

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Download the zip file containing the Ps1 here.

DrayTek Firewall Syslog Parser

From text gibberish to clean and readable blocked URLs and IP Addresses


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AAD/Intune XML Group Management generator

Use this tool to generate XML that you can enter into Intune to manage local security groups using OMA-URI: ./Device/Vendor/MSFT/Policy/Config/RestrictedGroups/ConfigureGroupMembership

UK School Intake Years

This PHP and CSS tool dynamically generates tables to display the intake years for UK school year groups in primary schools with and without a nursery and secondary schools, adapting to the current year to provide up-to-date information.

DrayTek Keyword generator

Use this tool to enter your list of URLs, and it will give you a list of keywords you can use in the DrayTek Keyword object setup.

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VPN Mesh Calculator

VPN Connections Calculator

This tool is a VPN Mesh Connections Calculator. It’s designed to help organizations estimate the number of VPN connections they would need if each of their offices established a VPN connection with every other office. This fully interconnected network setup can be important in organizations where secure, direct communication between offices is necessary. It uses the formula (n*(n-1))/2, where n is the number of offices.

Fibre ring calculator

Calculate the required equipment for a resilient fibre ring network

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Public IP

Display your public IP in plain text; perfect for referencing in scripts etc.

Complex password generator

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Student Random Password Generator

The Random Password Generator is a helpful tool that generates strong and unique passwords to enhance online security. It combines two random words, a random two-digit number, and an exclamation mark to create each password. With a list of word options and a random number generator, the tool generates 50 different passwords every time it is run. The generated passwords are displayed in a modern and clean interface, providing a convenient way to obtain secure passwords that are difficult to guess. Using this tool, users can easily generate various complex passwords for their online accounts, ensuring better protection against unauthorized access.

Proxy server checker

The PHP script is designed to determine if the user is accessing a website through a proxy server. It checks the HTTP headers the client sends to detect the presence of proxy-related headers.

Domain Controller Rename

Use this tool to rename your on-prem domain controllers safely.

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