The Software Protection service failed to start. 0x80070005 10.0.18362.815

software protection service failed to start

Quick fix for this was to open RegEdit to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\sppsvc and change the ObjectName from NT AUTHORITY\NetworkService to LocalSystem as shown below.

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2 thoughts on “The Software Protection service failed to start. 0x80070005 10.0.18362.815

  1. Wow, i spent a solid 8-9 hours trying to figure this out. I read all kinds of gloriously long posts about why and how to do it, but nothing worked. Windows was saying my computer would not activate, and rumors abound online about how my system would slowly go to crap or get hacked without updates or security fixes. I even tried calling Microsoft (no dice!) and creating an account. I was this || close to setting my computer back to factory settings. Heck, i even shopped for a new laptop to take my mind off of it for while. But you, sir, you nailed the solution with barely a dozen words. I started getting suspicious about the Network Service about an hour or so ago, but no one mentioned a thing about that. I’ve been changing permissions, running freeware programs, fixing corrupt files, and nothing worked…until i found your elegant, beautiful, quick, but solid fix! I salute you, sir! The sweeping green landscape behind you reminds me of Ireland.

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