Stop users sending known passwords in E-Mails

EAC Mail flow rules

To filter out passwords in E-Mails you can setup an Office 365 transport rule to capture the passoword and either block the email being sent or redirect it to a manager.

To do this, login to with a tenant Administrator account.

Open the Exchange Admin Center.

passwords in E-Mails

Under mail flow click rules.

EAC Mail flow rules

Click the + button to add a new Transport Rule

EAC transport rule

1 – Enter a name for the new Transport Rule

2 – Select The subject or body includes

EAC transport rule

A box will appear asking for you to enter your keywords, enter each keyword separately and click the + button. If entering passwords it is recommended you enter only part passwords for example if a common password you use is Boats567! enter *ats567* where * denotes any additional character then click OK

EAC Transport rule

Under Do the following select Redirect the message to and enter the desired recipient (manager)

EAC redirect email

Now any passwords in E-Mails will be redirected and not arrive at their intended recipient.

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