Reset HP Printer page count and or serial number


To reset the Serial number or Page Count on a HP Printer follow the below steps.

Connect the printer via USB and note the Virtual USB Port Name, it will look something like”USB001″.

Download the file to the root of your system drive C:\, do not change the filename, edit the file using notepad, NOT WORDPAD, enter the serial number or page count, if you want to set one but not the other leave the one you do not wish to change blank.

Open up a cmd window

Enter the command “copy /b C:\Reset_HP.pjl USB001”

This will copy the file to the printer.

Power cycle the printer.


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23 thoughts on “Reset HP Printer page count and or serial number

  1. I want to try a few things before I give my HP printer the ‘ol Officespace treatment, but the link to Reset_HP.pjl seems to be dead. Any chance you’ve still got it around? I’d gladly click that ‘buy me a coffee’ button 🙂

  2. Can this reset my Hp Deskjet 3835 printer, How do I change the default print mode from monochrome to color (since I have installed a CISS kit).

  3. God morning

    I tried this on my HP Colour Laser 150 . I’m trying to reset the counters for the image drum as it has stopped working at 16000 pages and insists I buy a new one even though print quality is still great. This is a software redundancy programmed by HP which is frankly criminal (but that is another rant). I have tried a few things to reset the eeprom on board without success. I wonder if you have a newer version of the reset file which would address this issue.
    Definitely worth a coffee or two.

    1. Unfortunately I don’t have a newer version I’m sorry, if you do find a solution however please let me know and I would love you put the fix up for you, obviously credits would be attributed to yourself.

  4. what about the hp laserjet PRO 1102w? do you know if it works with it? My printer got the main card fail but I got a used one that works but it has a count of 209xxx and also want to reset the serial numeber is it possible with your crack?

    1. Sorry I really couldn’t say. I’ve only ever tested it on a very small number of models many years ago.

  5. Does not work with OfficeJet 7612.
    Tried both 0 and 1 for page count reset.

    Is there any reason someone should change the serial number?

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