Microsoft Deployment Toolkit – why didn’t I use this sooner?

Microsoft Deployment Toolkit

So basically I have always been a vanilla WDS user building an image on a physical machine and then moving to building on a virtual once that became mainstream, which also comes with its added snapshot benefits.

Not once have I considered using MDT, even though I’ve seen it used at many sites I visit through work.

What a fool I hear you say!

So since a new colleague came on board who used it at his previous employment I decided to give it a shot on my test rig, it can’t be much better than my WDS and XML files surely…..cough……errrrr?

I was VERY wrong!

Vastly more configurable, many more deployment options, bucket loads easier to use, in place upgrade tasks, offline usb imaging media, seamless application installs, an out of the box driver solution that actually looks to work, need I go on?

At COB today on the test rig I have got MDT down to just the computer name input for the whole deployment process. Granted in production I’m probably going to need a few more options for OS, Software and OU selection but again that’s a simple process of just changing the Customsettings.ini file.

Can’t wait now for the next big roll out!

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