How can I reset my computer back to the way it was when I bought it?

Are you selling your laptop or just want to set it back to factory defaults for a fresh start? If so then follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Settings app (using the Windows Key + I shortcut if you like).
  2. Select Update & Security, then the Recovery tab.
  3. Under Reset this PC, click Get started.
  4. Choose Keep my files or Remove everything. Both options will uninstall all your programs and reset settings, but the former will keep your files.
  5. If you choose to remove your files, choose Just remove my files for a quick erase, or Remove files and clean the drive. Use the second option if you’re selling your computer so it securely erases your data.
  6. Confirm Windows’s warning that you can’t roll back after this, and your computer will begin the reset process.

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