FIXED(ish): Hyper-V Default switch repeated create / delete cycles.

Hyper-V Default Switch

This article is for you if

  • You are trying to get your Hyper-V Default Switch to work
  • You want to fix your Default switch on Hyper-V
  • You are struggling with the Hyper-V Default Switch enabling and disabling in a loop

Issue / Fault definition

  • When trying to use the Hyper-V Default Switch with a Virtual Machine the switch is not present on the host.
  • When opening the virtual machine settings the Network Adaptor settings hang and then report Configuration Error
  • Event viewer shows that the Default Switch is repeatedly being created and deleted.

Known / associated error messages

  • Switch C08CB7B8-9B3C-408E-8E30-5E16A3AEB444 (Friendly Name: Default Switch) successfully created. 
  • Switch C08CB7B8-9B3C-408E-8E30-5E16A3AEB444 (Friendly Name: Default Switch) successfully deleted.

Known Fixes / Solutions

  •  Bit of a strange one this, the only solution i could find on my test rig was to clean boot the host using the below.
  1. Run MSConfig
  2. Select services Tab
  3. Tick hide all Microsoft Services
  4. Tick Disable All
  5. Reboot
  6. Work your way back through enabling the services
  7. In my case, work your way back through them all to find that they are all re-enabled and the switch is still present.


  • Ensure all devices are up to date with security and vulnerability patches


  •  Hyper-V role installed

External Links

 Hyper-V Technology Overview | Microsoft Docs

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