drop down OU selection boxes to MDT


  • Add a drop-down selection box containing pre defined OUs onto the Computer Name GUI in MDT


You will need to download the zip file below, extract and copy the files into the Scripts folder inside your Deployment Share folder F:\DeploymentShare\Scripts where F is the drive letter of your deployment share.


Download and copy over the files from the prerequisites above into your deployment share

Edit the DomainOUList.xml file and populate it with your OU-distinguished names

Once done, you will need to re-create your deployment share and replace the image on WDS

2021 02 19 12 00 25 Window
2021 02 19 12 13 27 Window

Boot up into MDT and you should now see a drop down selection box next to OU

2021 02 19 11 50 12 Window

If you do not see this box ensure you do not have SkipDomainMembership=YES in your deployment rules,

Let the deployment finish; once done the machine will be joined and have been put into the OU you selected.

2021 02 19 12 03 03 Window

The machine is now ready to go and as it was put into the correct OU from the start should have all its GPO object already applied.

2021 02 19 12 12 02 Window

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