Disk2VHD Hyper-V boot failure with Gen2 Server

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Had an issue with a P2V of a Dell T330 with Windows Server 2012 R2 installed today. The Disk2VHD creation went fine and completed successfully. The VHDX files were moved to the new Hyper-V host and added to a Gen 2 VM, the problem occurred when booting.

disk2vhd hyper-v boot failure
Hyper-V unable to boot due to 99Mb RAW volume. disk2vhd Hyper-V boot failure.
  • Add a new DVD Drive to the VM and mount the ISO for the Server OS you are trying to boot
  • Change the boot order of the server to boot from DVD
  • Turn on the server and when requested press any key to continue
  • When the install has booted click Repair your computer
  • Click Troubleshoot
  • Click Command Prompt
  • Type disk part
  • Type list disk
  • Type select disk 0 (or your main system disk)
  • Type list volume and note which volume is showing as 99MB RAW
  • Type select volume 3 (or whatever volume is your 99Mb RAW volume)
  • Type assign letter L:
  • Change to the new disk, type L:
  • Type bootrec /fixboot to create the new boot record
  • Type bcdboot C:\Windows  /l en-us /s l: /f ALL to create a new BCD Store and to copy over the boot files from the Windows directory of the existing installation you are trying to boot.
  • Type exit
  • Click Continue to boot into your server as normal
  • It is normal for the server to take longer to boot due to new hardware being detected and installed
  • You may need to set the IP Address of the server on the NIC as it often installed a new Hyper-V NIC and doesn’t copy the original settings over.

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