Create Outlook Search folders for Sent and Received E-Mails

Outlook Search Folders

A little known feature of Outlook is the ability to create Outlook Search Folders, these folders act as easily accessible search that can be predefined with a given criteria and which will update on the fly throughout the day.

For example I have two search folders setup and pinned to the top of my Outlook that show the number of E-Mails I have Sent during the day and the number I have Received.

In order to create a search folder you can follow the below steps.

  • Open Outlook
  • Click Folder on the top menu bar
  • Click New Search Folder
Outllok Search Folders 7b
  • Enter a Name for your new Search Folder
  • Click Criteria
Outlook Search Folders
  • Click Create a custom Search Folder
Outlook Search Folders

Here you can set the criteria for a Custom Search Folder. In order to set a search to include all received E-Mails set the Sent To as yourself and the Time as received Today.

To show Sent items instead change the Time to Sent Today, or you can swap it up and select different criteria such as Sent in the last 7 days

Outlook Search Folders

Then Click OK and OK to get back to the main Outlook Window.

As default Outlook shows the number on Unread E-Mails as a number next to the folder name in BOLD if you want to see the total number of items in the folder instead

Outlook Search Folders
  • Right click on the newly created Search Folder
  • Click Properties
D:\Downloads\2020-06-10 15_36_02-The ICT Guy Properties.png
  • Select Show total number of items
  • Click OK
  • You will then see the total number of items in the Search Folder at the side, this number is shown in none BOLD font.

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