Convert ruckus unleashed to cloud in simple easy to follow steps

convert unleashed to cloud

Why should I do this?

Ruckus Cloud is a centralized network management solution that offers several advantages over the Ruckus Unleashed platform. Firstly, Ruckus Cloud allows for scalability. You can manage multiple access points across different geographical locations from a single dashboard. This is particularly beneficial for businesses with multiple branches or large campuses. On the other hand, Ruckus Unleashed is primarily designed for smaller, single-location deployments.

Secondly, Ruckus Cloud provides advanced analytics and reporting. These features allow you to proactively monitor the network’s health and performance, identify potential issues, and mitigate them before they impact network users.

Another significant benefit is the automatic firmware updates provided by Ruckus Cloud. This ensures that your network devices run the latest, most secure software. In comparison, updates in an Unleashed network need to be manually handled, which could lead to irregular update schedules and potential security vulnerabilities.

Lastly, Ruckus Cloud offers the convenience of remote access, allowing you to manage and troubleshoot the network from any location, an attribute not present in the Unleashed platform.

How do I go about doing this?

The basic structure of the process to convert unleashed to cloud is as follows and assumes you already have a Ruckus Cloud tenant provisioned complete with relevant licensing –

  1. Upgrade the current Unleased APs to the latest Firmware available
  2. Take a backup of the current config for if you need to revert to Unleashed
  3. Take down the serials from the Unleashed System and add them to a CSV file
  4. Upload the CSV to Ruckus Cloud
  5. Reset the Unleashed System to Factory Defaults
  6. Download the relevant Ruckus Solo Access Point firmware from here
  7. Connect to the IP of each access point and run a local firmware upload and upload the Solo firmware
  8. Let the AP upgrade
  9. The AP will then join the cloud.
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Known Issues

Error: Failed: deploy timeout

Fix: Retry the operation it may just be the access point didn’t have time to run the upgrade

Failed deploy timeout

Error: Upgrade Progress sat at 0 after the above error

Fix: Reboot the AP, either by unplugging them or turning off/on the POE port on the switch.

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Error: This does not seem to be a valid upgrade image; please try another file.

Fix: Download the file again and power cycle the router.

Cause: The cause of this looks to be pointing multiple access points to the same firmware file prior to the last access point fully downloading the upgrade.

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