Easy Step-by-Step guide to Adding Trusted Root Certificates to iOS14

Adding Trusted Root Certificates to iOS

Adding Trusted Root Certificates to iOS14 is slightly different to earlier versions so here is a quick guide on how to add a trusted root certificate for web filtering etc to Apples latest iOS. When downloading the certificate you can do this from either the vendors website that hosts the certificate or via E-Mail etc the process is the same once you have the certificate downloaded to the device.

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Installing the Trusted Root Certificate

  1. Download the certificate from either the vendors website, your internal filtering system or wherever you have the certificate stored.
  2. Click Open with
  3. Click Save to files
  4. Select On my phone
  5. Click Save
  6. Click Settings
  7. Click Profile downloaded
  8. Click Install
  9. Click Install on the warning
  10. Click Install
  11. Enter your pass code if one if setup on the device
  12. Click Done
  13. Click Settings
  14. Click General
  15. Click About
  16. Click Certificate trust settings
  17. Turn on the installed certificate so it is a trusted root certificate
  18. Click continue when prompted

Adding Trusted Root Certificates to iOS14

IMG 5094
Download the certificate you wish to install
IMG 5095
Click open with
IMG 5096
Select Save to files
IMG 5097
Select to save to My iPhone or My iPad
IMG 5099
Go back to the main screen and open Settings
IMG 5100
Click Profile Downloaded

IMG 5101
Click on Install
IMG 5103
On the Warning screen click Install once again
IMG 5104
Click on Install
IMG 5102
Enter the device passcode if one is setup
Adding Trusted Root Certificates to iOS14
Once the profile shows as Verifies click Done
IMG 5099
Press the home button again and go back into settings
IMG 5107
Select General
IMG 5108
Select About
IMG 5109b
Select Certificate Trust Settings
IMG 5110
Tick the button next to the profile you have just installed
IMG 5111
Click Continue on the Root Certificate warning

Setting your MAC to not be private/dynamic if you use a filtering system that uses MAC Authentication

IMG 5099
Click the home button and open settings
Click on Wi-Fi
Click the i next to your connected Wi-Fi profile
IMG 5112
Untick Private Address
IMG 5113
You will notice now that your MAC Address has changed back to the static MAC Address of the Phone which can be found under General and About

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